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(Harit Dhara E-Magazine)
Volume 2 Issue No. 1, January – June, 2019
S.No. Title Authors Page No.
1 Drone: The Green Technology For Future Agriculture Alka Rani, Amresh Chaudhary, Nishant K Sinha, M Mohanty, And RS Chaudhary 3-6
2 Family net vessel compost technology: A solution for Management of kitchen waste Asha Sahu, MC Manna, Sudeshna Bhattacharjya, JK Thakur, Asit Mandal, AB Singh, AK Tripathi And Ashok K Patra 7-8
3 Customized Fertilizers: Key For Higher Crop Productivity Har Vir Singh, ML Dotaniya, RL Choudhary, MD Meena And MK Meena 9-11
4 Maximize soybean productivity through high-yielding pestresistant varieties and land management practices Vasudev Meena, ML Dotaniya, BP Meena, H Das and JK Saha 12-14
5 Aluminium toxicity in soil and plants Neenu S, Karthika KS 15-19
6 Role of clay minerals in potassium availability of black soils in India Priya P Gurav, PL Choudhari, and Sanjay Srivastava 20-22
7 Management strategies of waterlogged soils in agriculture Abhijit Sarkar, Madhumonti Saha, and JK Saha 23-25
8 Obstacles in the adoption of agricultural technologies in tribal areas Ankush L Kamble, Babasaheb BF and and Shinogi KC 26-29
9 Major Events 30
10 Author Guidelines 31

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