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Long -Term Fertilizer Experiments (LTFE)


Introduction of high yielding varieties, irrigation and high analysis fertilizer accelerated the mining of nutrient other than supplied eternally from soil. To sustain the productivity it was essential to maintain the supply of nutrient. Since large amount of nutrient has to be applied to soil in chemical form which may have impact on soil properties and soil productivity in long term. Therefore, to study the impact of chemical fertilizer on productivity and soil quality, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research decided to launch the “All India Coordinated Research Project on Long-Term Fertilizer Experiments (AICRP-LTFE)” in September 1970 at 11 centres. The work carried out at different centers of LTFE was reviewed by QRT during 1997 and recommended to enlarge the mandate and objectives of the project and changed its title as AICRP on “Long-term fertilizer experiments to study changes in soil quality, crop productivity and sustainability”.

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