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भाकृअनुप-भारतीय मृदा विज्ञान संस्थान


Mandate of IISS

"To Provide Scientific Basis for Enhancing and Sustaining Productivity of Soil Resource   with Minimal Environmental Degradation " with following objectives

To carry out basic and strategic research on soils especially physical, chemical and biological processes related to management of nutrients, water and energy.
To develop advanced technology for sustainable systems of input management in soils those are most efficient and least environmental polluting.
To develop expertise and backstop other organizations engaged in research on agriculture, forestry, fishery and various environmental concerns.
To exchange information with scientists engaged in similar pursuits through group discussions, symposia, conferences and publications.
To collaborate with State Agricultural Universities, National, International and other Research Organizations in the fulfilment of the above objectives.
To develop database repository of information on soils in relation to quality and productivity.

Priorities and Thrust Areas

The priorities of the institute are to broaden the soil science research by encouraging multidisciplinary research for efficient utilization of already created infrastructure and, therefore, carry out research work rigorously in the following critical areas:

Programme 1: Soil Health and Input Use Efficiency Integrated nutrient management: Indigenous mineral and by-product sources Nano-technology Precision agriculture Crop simulation modeling and remote sensing F ertilizer fortification Resilience of degraded soils Developing a workable index of soil quality assessment imbibing influence of different physical, chemical and biological soil attributes

Programme 2: Conservation Agriculture and Carbon Sequestration vis-a-vis Climate Change Organic farming and produce quality Efficient and improved composting techniques The carbon sequestration research in the context of sustainable management of land and soil resources and conserving deteriorating environment. Conservation agriculture and carbon sequestration Tillage and nutrient interactions Crop adaptation to climate change and rhizospheric study

Programme 3: Microbial Diversity and Genomics Characterization and prospecting of large soil biodiveristy Characterization of functional communities of soil organisms Testing of mixed biofertilizer formulations

Programme 4: Soil Pollution, Remediation and Environmental Security Bio-remediation/ phytoremediation of contaminated soils Quality compost production and quality standards Waste waters-quality assessment and recycling

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