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RTI Applications/Reply

S.No. Applicatin No. & Date Name of Applicant & Address Brief Description of request for information Reply
112 112-12/ IISS/ RTI/2016 dt. 27/12/2016 Sh Shankar Lal, Parthvimeda Gau Pharma Village - Pathmeda, Sanchore 343041, Rajasthan The test procedure of "organic manure" in ICAR  Reply
111 111-12/ IISS/ RTI/2016 dt. 27/12/2016 Sh Vipin Saxena, B-25 Rajendra Nagar, vas Vikas Colony, Izatnagar, Bareilley UP 243122 Mridaparikshak minilab- reason for development and patent despite STFR Reply
110 110-11/ IISS/ RTI/ 2016 dt. 17/11/2016 M/s Parul services, Zone-I, M.P. Nagar 462011  Details regarding tender awarded for housekeeping services  Reply
109 109-9/ IISS/ RTI/ 2016 dt. 12/09/2016  Sh. Jitendra Modi, 136/2, Jaishree Nagar Dewas 455001, M.P.  Blacklisting of M/s Nagarjuna Agrochemicals Pvt Ltd; Date of STFR exhibited, commercialized, patent, sale particlulars, royalty etc Reply
108 108-8/IISS/ RTI/ 2016 dt. 06/08/2016 Sh. Ehtesham Qutubuddin Siddiqui, C-8062,Circle 10, Mumbai Central Prison, Arthur Road, Mumbai-400011 Publications of ICAR-IISS Bhopal  Reply
107 107-6/IISS/ RTI/ 2016 dt. 27/06/2016 Mr. Krishna Kumar Gour, Advocate, Diwani, Kachhari, Gorakhpur, UP, Mob: 9415245197 Personal details of Dr Sanjay Srivastava- salary, second marriage details Reply
106 106-6/IISS/ RTI/ 2016 dt. 27/06/2016 Dr. SL Sisodia, Q.No. IV/57, CSWRI, Avika nagar, via Jaipur, Rajasthan 304501 Budget sanction under TSP of ICAR Institutes, AICRP having TSP  Reply
105 105-5/ IISS/ RTI/2016 dt. 30/05/2016 Mr. Akhilesh Shukla, H.No. D.K.-2/134, Danish Kunj, Kolar Road, Bhopal 462042 LTC TA claim by Air following DOPT guidleines, action taken and penalty imposed for non adherence to rule Reply
104 104-5/ IISS/ RTI/2016 dt. 11/05/2016 Mr. Suresh Chandra, s/o Late Sh Ulfat Singh, CIFE Panch marg, Yari Road, Andheri W, Mumbai Ph: 9820068223 Ex-post facto approval due to cost/ time over run in ICAR, copy of proceedings, copy of approval Reply
103 103-4/IISS/ RTI/ 2016 dt. 18/04/2016 Mr. Avinash Purbia, H.No. J-101, Hastnapur, Kankroli, Rajsand, 313324, Rajasthan Hydroponic farming in India  Reply
102 102-4/IISS/ RTI/ 2016 dt. 11/04/2016 Mr. Akhilesh Shukla, H.No. D.K.-2/134, Danish Kunj, Kolar Road, Bhopal 462042 LTC TA claim by Air following DOPT guidleines, action taken and penalty imposed for non adherence to rule Reply
101 101-4/IISS/ RTI/ 2016 dt. 07/04/2016 Ms. Seema sahu, ACTO, IISS, Bhopal  Promotion and paf fixation, error, arears if any  Reply
100 100-3/IISS/ RTI/2016 dt. 08/03/2016 Sh Brijesh Chowdhary, UG-1, Plot No &, Tokas Complex, Pkt B, Sector 19, Dwarka, New Delhi 110075 Tender information and specification of Photosynthesis analysis system  Reply
99 99-2/IISS/ RTI/2016 dt. 20/02/2016 Shri Vinod Nandwani, 34/21 Old Rajender Nagar, New Delhi 110060  Mrida Parikshak IISS and STFR meter Pusa comparison, MOU, licence agreement, letter of recommendation to different agencies Reply
98 98-2/IISS/ RTI/2016 dt. 02/02/2016 Shri Hemant Verma, 6-B, Kalyannagar Society, Opposite Vrundavan bus stop, Waghodia Road, Vadodara- 390019, Gujarat Research achievement during last 15 years, projects, budget, substitutes for NPK, erosion and pollution of soil Reply
97 97-12/IISS/ RTI/2016 dt 28/01/2016  Sh. Prashant Ingole,
Centre for Agriculture & Rural Development Society, nandgaonpeth, Amravati Tq., Amravati Dt. 444901, Maharashtra
Soil testing kit (Mrida Parikshak), rate, company, royalty, sample data of nutrient testing  Reply
96 96-12/IISS/ RTI/2015 Sh. Madhavankutty Pillai, 58 Prasanna Prabha, A-6/5, LIC Colony, Borivali (West), Mumbai 400103, Maharastra Yogic farming, Veracity of Agricultural Minister's speech  Reply
94 94-10/IISS/ RTI/2015  Santosh Kumar Tuiwari, Dell B-904, HRC Professsional Hub, 1/2, Vaibhav, Khand, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad 201014 Mrida Parikshak Licence terms and conditons, warranty of equipment  Reply
93 93-8/IISS/ RTI/2015 Sushil Jogi, Chomu, Tehsil Chomu, Jaipur 303702 Effect of Lime-  Food grade Chuna as fertilizers/ pesticides in vegetable crops Reply
92 92-8/IISS/ RTI/2015  Sh Sunil Patidar, Maa Annapurna Glass house, near sai mandir, indore road, Bagli, Dewas 455227, M.P. RA and SRF of IISS status, educational qualifications, experience  Reply
91 91-8/IISS/ RTI/2015 Shri. Mukesh C. Gondane, C/O Tarun Chatterjee, 2nd Floor, Gurugovind Nagar, Raipur Compassionate ground appointment by IISS on number, ATR between Jan 2010 to Jan 2015 Reply
90 90-4/IISS/RTI/2015 Shri. Mukesh C. Gondane, C/O Tarun Chatterjee, 2nd Floor, Gurugovind Nagar, Raipur Action taken information/report, regarding the application filled for Appointment on Compassionate Ground by Smt. Vimla Khare, W/o Late Subhash Khare. Reply
89 89-4/IISS/RTI/2015 Sh. Pramod Suri, Acovision Int., 2E/24, Iind Floor, Jhadewalan Ext., New Delhi Procedure for the assignment of video film on Institute technology assigned to m/s Hussain Reply
88 88-4/IISS/RTI/2015 Parul Service, F-2nd Floor, 57 Grace Tower, MP Nagar, Bhopal Complete financial Bid (Rate sheet); Bifuraction sheet of rates attached; Comparative stat. copy of note sheets Reply
87 87-4/IISS/RTI/2015 Sh. Pramod Suri, Acovision Int., 2E/24, Iind Floor, Jhadewalan Ext., New Delhi Video film on institute technology Reply
86 86-4/IISS/RTI/2015 Parul Service, F-2nd Floor, 57 Grace Tower, MP Nagar, Bhopal Bifercation sheet of rates attached by M/s Sanjay Security as performat given in tender document Reply
85 85-3/IISS/RTI/2015 Sh. Aasif Khan Basir Khan Circle 10 Publication of IISS from beginning to till date Reply
84 84-3/IISS/RTI/2015 Sh. Pramod Suri, Acrovision International, 2E/24, Iind Floor, Jhandewalan Extn, New Delhi 110055 Video film file noting, job assignment Reply
83 83-2/IISS/RTI/2015 Sh. Sunil Kr Ragunath Prasad Jaiswal, 579 Sachapir St., Shrabatwala Chowk, Pune 411001 Solid waste management Reply
82 82-2/IISS/RTI/2015 Sh. Riyaz khan, J-36 Vardhman Green park colony, Ashoka Garden, Bhopal 462023 Info regarding Soil testing kit - Date of MOU, particulars of licence, price list, commercial licence etc. Reply
81 81/01/IISS/RTI/2015 Sh Vikrant, Social action for Forest & Envt, A-93, sector 36, Greater Noida, UP Harmful effects of excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides by farmers on agriculture Reply
80 80/01/IISS/RTI/2015 Sh. Sandeep Kumar Gupta, 1722 Sector 14-P Hisar AICRP budget, objectives and outcome Reply
79 79/12/IISS/RTI/2014 Sh. Ehtesham Qutubuddin Siddiqui, Mumbai Central Prison, Arthur Road, Mumbai-400011 Publications of Institute of 2013-2014 Reply
78 78/12/IISS/RTI/2014 Riyaz khan, J-36 Vardhman Green park colony, Ashoka Garden, Bhopal 462023 Letter correspondence, MOU with NACL Hyd & info on contract res modalities of ICAR-IISS Reply
77 77/11/IISS/RTI/2014 Sh Rajesh Kumar Verma, (Advocate), Address: G-26/2, Sector-3, Rohini, Delhi – 110085 List of projects sanctioned during 2012-13 and 2013-14 Reply
76 76/10-2014/RTI/IISS Sh. Parvej Bhartiye 35/1 Arjaan Manjil, sajid Nagar, VIP Road, Bhopal List of staff, vehicles and financial expenditures on equipments machinery Reply
75 75/10-2014/RTI/IISS Dr Ravinder Kumar Agarwal A-1/30, Sector-18, Rohini, Delhi 110089 List of training conducted by ICAR-IISS during Apr 2010 to Mar 2013 Reply
74 74/9-2014/RTI/IISS Sh SK Bhatiya Under secretary, IT&TM and CPIO KAB-I, Pusa New Delhi List of patents granted to ICAR Reply
73 73/6-2014/RTI/IISS Sh. Pawan reddy, EWS 573, Road 2, Kphb Colony, Hyderabad, AP 500085 Fertility of soil and project information across the country Reply
72 72/5-2014/RTI/IISS Ms. Jyotsna Dharma, 6D, MIG DDA Flats Shivam Enclave Delhi Details of project sanctioned by ICAR during the period 01.04.2013 to 31.03.2014 with budget details Reply
71 71/5-2014/RTI/IISS Shri Ashok Kumar Khandelwal Chiktsasanar, 125, square Kotwali Road Ujjain Show data of pesticide and fertilizer in the fruits , grains and vegetable? Diff. of grains, fruits and vegetable? Controls system or guideline to repack food and vegetable without using chemical? Reply
70 70/5-2014/RTI/IISS Shri Sheshdhari N, R/o, 529/c/2, 1st Floor, 14th Cross, Shastrinagar, K.R. Road, Bengaluru What % of land in India is still using organic manure/cow dung? What is difference b/w cow dung of indigenous cows and of hybrid cows? Reply
69 69/4-2014/RTI/IISS Shri Karan Veer Nayar List of all approved patents/under examination of authority for final approver Reply
68 68/4-2014/RTI/IISS Sh. Shekh Mohammad Ali, UT-23, Mumbai Ati Surksha Vibhag, Madhyavarti Karagragh, Arther Road Mumbai All Books Diary Calander and other published data in IISS, Bhopal Reply
67 67/4-2014/RTI/IISS Mr. Ashutosh Senger, 31 Cassels Road, Delhi Cantt. New Delhi Data Required Soil quality Parameters including Soil Type, Soil Depth, Soil Texture Reply
66 66/4-2014/RTI/IISS Mr. Manibabu, H.No. 9-3/15, Shamshabad Sidanti, A.P. Rejoined in the same position in institute Reply
65 65/1-2014/RTI/IISS Mr. Vikas Chaitanya, Room no. 124, 8th block, NITK Campus, Surathkal, Mangalore-575025 Information of specific problem arises in agriculture when Bauxite mines were running without environment clearace certificate in Lohardaga distict of Jharkhand Reply
64 64/12-2013/RTI/IISS Smt. P. Srieesha, D.No. 70-4, A-25/5E, Padma Nagar, Ramanyga peta, Kakinada, E.G. Dt. A.P. Information pertaining to appointment of Technician (T-1 Lab), Technical Ass. (T-3), Tech. Officer (T-6) during the period from 1995-2013 (Till date) Reply
63 63/10-2013/RTI/IISS Dr. Kamta Prasad, Programme Facilatator (CU) ICAR, Modipuram, Meerut Information in respect of your institute may be arranged to be providd to the undersigned in the member as mentiond in the application. Reply
62 62/10-2013/RTI/IISS Mr, Vikas, Chaitnaya, Room no 124, 8th block NITK, Campus surathkal, Mmanglore Information regarding Standard methods for anayzing the chemical properties of soil, including heavy metals and other parameters that are to be calculated for a contaminated soil whether it can be used for growth of plants Reply
61 61/10-2013/RTI/IISS Dr. A.S. Gill, Agroforestry Experts, Nihal Niwas, Friend colony, Gwalior road, Jhansi Lodging and Boarding arrangment in various ICAR institution in the country Reply
60 60/9-2013/RTI/IISS Mr. Sindhu Goel, Advocate, R-2/231, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad - 201002 Information related to AICRP/ICAR Reply
59 59/9-2013/RTI/IISS Dr. Ravider Kumar Agarwal, A-1/130, Sector - 18, Rohini, Delhi- 110089 List of the scientist with their details such as name desination affiliation date of post Reply
58 58/9-2013/RTI/IISS Mr. V.Venkata Ramana, H.No. 2-3-28/309, Venkata Sai enclave, Vijayapuri Colony, Uppal 500039 Details of water tanks/sumps of more than 10000 literes capacity exiting Reply
57 57/9-2013/RTI/IISS V. Sandhya Rani, H. No. 2-3-28/309, Venkata Sai enclave, Vijay Puri Colony 10000 Liters capacity existing Reply
56 56/7-2013/RTI/IISS Mr. Ashok Kumar, Advocate high court, G-202, Mantri Awaas, Vibhuti Khand, Gomtinagar, Lucknow All Contractual staff (RA/SRF/JRF/PA) Reply
55 55/12-2012/RTI/IISS Sanjay Kumar Chaudhary, Add: STA, collage of agri. Engineering, Rajendra Agri. Cultrural University, PUSA (Samastipur) Status of senior technical Assistants having degree working in the ICAR who were appointed between 1990-95. Reply
54 54/12-2012/RTI/IISS Sh. Ehtesham Qutubuddin Siddiqui, Add.:UT-81, Anda Cell, Mumbai Central Prison, Arthur Road, Mumbai-400011 Publications of Institute since inception of institute Reply
53 53/11-2012/RTI/IISS Sh. Sabir Khan, S/o Sh. Babu Khan R/o Babu Tyre Gayatri Market, Kacheri Road, Jhokan Bagh Jhansi-284001 Information about vacant post etc. from 2009 June. Reply
52 52/10-2012/RTI/IISS Dr. Dattatreya M. Kadam, Sr. Sci. AS & EC Division, CIPHET, Ludhiana-141004 ICAR Scientist foreign visits period from 01/01/2000 Reply
51 51/10-2012/RTI/IISS Smt. Sarita Agarwal,23,Park View Apartment,Plot No.16, Sector-12,Dwarka, New Delhi-110075 Research expenses and research output of AICRP-IFS & NPOF Project Reply
50 50/9-2012/RTI/IISS Sh. Aakash Dwivedi, 3/428, Sector-H, Jankipuram,Luknow, U.P.-226021 Total expenditure incurred by IISS during last 5 years on Hindi Diwas Reply
49 49/8-2012/RTI/IISS Sh. Subhash Yadav,D.K. 2/541, Danish Kunj, Kolar Road,Bhopal. Information about HBA advance during the period 1998 to 2001 and other related information. Reply
48 48/8-2012/RTI/IISS Smt. Sarita Agarwal,23,Park View Apartment,Plot No.16, Sector-12,Dwarka, New Delhi-110075 1. Expenditure involved during last 5 years under AICRP/Network Projects and Research Output resulting in quantifiable terms,socio-economic benefits for the farming community.2. Grants released to SAU during XI plan,Projects etc.3. Details of equipment lying idle. Reply
47 47/8-2012/RTI/IISS Sh.Prateek Kumar Singh, C.K. 65/18, Bari Peary, Varanasi-221001(U.P.) Information on research projects including AICRPs,internally,externally funded projects and foreign aided project Reply
46 46/8-2012/RTI/IISS Sh.Prateek Kumar Singh, C.K. 65/18, Barfi Peary, Varansi-221001(U.P.) Information about commercialization,cost,funding,duration, university/Instt./agency/Unit/research centre/industry and names of principal investigators of researtch projects which started on or after 01/01/2003, and were commerciaslized. Reply
45 45/6-2012/RTI/IISS Sh. Sudhanshu Shekhar Tripathi,4B/12 Aawas Vikas Colony, Pandeypur Varanasi(U.P.) Information about Chemical Fertilizers in fields and etc. Reply
42 42/5-2012/RTI/IISS Sh. Kanwal Malik,H.No. 27,Sercond floor,Sewa Nagar Market,New Delhi-110003 1. How many films such as video profile on any special programme were made from the year 2000? 2. Names,statement of companies which were participated in tender filling and their appointed and the dates on which when and how much amount to be paid? Reply
41 41/2-2012/RTI/IISS Mr. Varun Kumar Verma,H.No.S-33,Phase-2,Sharda Nagar,Lambakheda,Berasia Road,Bhopal(M.P.) Information about examination of stenographer grade-III,merit list,copies of all documents which were attached by appointed candidates. Reply
40 40/1-2012/RTI/IISS Sh. Irshad Ahmed,Type-III 16 CIAE Colony,Nabibagh, Berasia Road, Bhopal Information about compensation appointment and copies of qualifications. Reply
39 39/1-2012/RTI/IISS Sh. V. Jaiganesh, S/o S. Vaikundaperumal,26/142,Sadogopan Nagar, Chidambaram, Cuddalore Distt.Tamil Nadu-608002 What is the reason for Silicon fertilizers are not commercially Available in fertilizers market? Reply
38 38/1-2012/RTI/IISS Dr. S.L. Sisodia, Veterinary Officer,CSWRI,Avika Nagar,Rajasthan,PIN-304501 1.Information about details of Technical and Scientists categories and those were granted study leave for an approved course of higher education in India/abroad with full pay & allowances.2.Copies of ACR/APAR of some officers. Reply
37 37/12-2011/RTI/IISS Ms. Kanchan Kommi,T-3,National Research Centre on Meat,P.B.No.19,Boduppal PO, Hyderabad-500 092 1.Guidelines set for the recruitment of T-3(Lab.)posts .2.What procedure adopted by the ICAR for filled the post of T-3(Lab.)during the last two years. Reply
36 36/11-2011/RTI/IISS Sh. Deepak Kaul,Member IJSC,T-II-3,CSWCRTI,218,Kaulagarh Road,Dehradun A copy of judgement of Ho'ble CAT Jabalpur,dtd.15th June,2004 and annexure R-II(A). Whether the implement was made by the Institute /ICAR dtd.15th June, 2004. Reply
35 35/11-2011/RTI/IISS Sh.M.L. Thakur, Behind Bus Stand,In front of old emplyment office,Sehore(M.P.) Order and instruction of compensation appointment from 1970 to 01/11/2011 and how many posts are vacant and their educational qualification. Reply
34 34/10-2011/RTI/IISS Sh. Laxmi Narayan Modi, C-8 South Extension -2, New Delhi-110049 Information about difference between Chemical and Organic farming of an article published in Sovernier of Vishwamangal Gou Gram Yatra. Reply
33 33/3-2011/RTI/IISS Mr. Pabbathi Devadanam,H.No.12-13-441,2nd Floor street no. 1.,TARNAKA,Secundarabad-17, Andhra Pradesh Details of Staff and vacant posts in Institute Reply
32 32/2-2011/RTI/IISS Sh. Vinod Shankar Raikwar,H.No. 274,Karamchand Chowk, Jabalpur(M.P.) Permission of Secretary for the recruitment of Group -D and copy of special order if any. Reply
31 31/10-2010/RTI/IISS Mr. Vasant Verma, H.No. 38, Nabi Bagh Berasia Road, Bhopal-462038 How many posts are appointed on compensation ground in IISS from 1987? And how many posts are vacant? Reply
30 30/9-2010/RTI/IISS Prof. Seshu Lavania,4/221,Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010 Information about AICRP on Micronutrients, total numbers of research papers and bibliographic details of all the papers. Reply
29 29/8-2010/RTI/IISS Sh.D.D. Joshi,H-2 Akash Bharati Apartments, Post Nop.24,I.P. Extension, Pathparganj, Delhi-110092 Information about Neutron Probe Reply
28 28/7-2010/RTI/IISS Sh.M.P.Gupta,C-2/2.,Ashok Vihar,Phase-2, Delhi-52 1.Hired Bldg.names.2. Dates of revision of Licence Fee/rent.3.The frequency at which the licence fee/rent is revised.4. The % rate per month for revision of rent in each of the last 3 years. Reply
27 27/7-2010/RTI/IISS Sh. P. Sathivel,Under Secrtetary(TS) Names & official address,Phone No.of Medical Officers working in IISS Reply
26 26/6-2010/RTI/IISS Sh. Laxmi Narayan Modi, C-8 South Extension -2, New Delhi-110049 1What are the areas covered under soil test based INM state wise to date?2. How many FLD have been completed during the last 5 years and the progress of each state? Reply
25 25/6-2010/RTI/IISS Smt. Seshu Lavania,4/221, Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar,Luknow-226010 (U.P.) Grant and implementation of AICRP of ICAR from Dr. M.V. Singh,PC (MSN) Reply
24 24/6-2010/RTI/IISS Dr. Munna Singh ,,108 Shalimar Estate, New Hyderabad, Lucknow-226007 Information about NAIP Projects from PI:-Dr. M.V.Singh,PC,IISS,Bhopal Reply
23 23/5-2010/RTI/IISS Sh. Laxmi Narayan Modi, C-8 South Extension -2, New Delhi-110049 Information about corbonn content in soils of India Reply
22 22/1-2010/RTI/IISS Sh. Kailash Chandra Gupta, S-452, Nehru Nagar Bhopal Information about Security tender dated 10/11/2009 Reply
21 21/12-2009/RTI/IISS Sh. Chatar Singh Prajapati,Alaknanda Comlex,M.P. Nagar,Zone-I Information about house keeping tender up to 2006-2008 Reply
20 20/8-2009/RTI/IISS Sh.N.S. Ahlawat, B-13,C.S.S.R.I.,Zarifa Farm Kachhwa Road, Karnal-132001 Records of leaves and their types, preriod, and copy of list of players in year 2008. Reply
19 19/4-2009/RTI/IISS Sh.Sanjay Gupta,Deputy Secretary(Admn.)& Nodal Officer RTI ACT ICAR, Krishi Bhawan,New Delhi-110114 Preparation of Annual Report 2008-09 Reply
18 18/4-2009/RTI/IISS Sh. Rajesh Chandwani, L-303, New Subhash Nagar, Opp. Capital Petrol Pump ,Raisen Road, Bhopal-462023 Attested copy of her wife Lt. Smt. Poonam Chandwani, Declaration Form/Nomination Form. Reply
17 17/1-2009/RTI/IISS Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma,Dir. Indian Institute of Soil Science Information regarding D.P.C. on 28th June,2008,22nd Oct.2008 and both D.P.C.'s proceedings attested copy. Reply
16 16/11-2008/RTI/IISS Dr. B.L. Gajja, Div.VII, CAZRI, Jodhpur. Information about Dr. D.K. Painuli Reply
15 15/6-2008/RTI/IISS Smt. Kanchi Kohli,E-195, Greater Kailash 2 (first floor), New Delhi-110048 Information related to technical assistance research and collaboration resewarch projects of ICAR from 2000-2008 Reply
14 14/6-2008/RTI/IISS Sh. Atul Kumar Sigh, New Delhi Regarding informationm on Organic Carbon Reply
13 13/5-2008/RTI/IISS Sh. Prakash Kumar,13,New M.L.A. Colony,Jawahar Chowk,Near MPRTC Bus Stop, Bhopal-462003 Information about AMAAS project Reply
12 12/5-2008/RTI/IISS Sh. Ravendra Pratap Singh,Add.:H/6-Staff Qtrs. Barkatullah University Campus, Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal Comparative statement & other tender relative docvuments Reply
11 11/5-2008/RTI/IISS Smt. Seema Sahu,Tec. Officer,Indian Injstitute of Sopil Science,Nabi Bagh, Berasia Road, Bhopal-462038 Certified copy of proceedings which were followed by DPC of this institute for posting T-4 to T-5 Reply
10 10/5-2008/RTI/IISS Sh.K.N. Choudhary,Under Secretary (Admn) & CPIO,ICAR ,Krishi Bhawan,New Delhi-110114 Preparation of Annual Report 2007-08 Reply
09 09/5-2008/RTI/IISS M/s Unique Security & Consultants,Add.-C-166,B.D.A. Colony, Koh-e-Fiza,Bhopal Information about Security management for year 2008 and tender copy and comparative letter Reply
08 08/4-2008/RTI/IISS Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma,Dir. Indian Institute of Soil Science Information about Technical class and their related posts from 1 April 2000 to 31 March 2008. All appointments which were appointed and document' copy. Reply
07 07/4-2008/RTI/IISS National Commission for Women,4, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg, New Delhi-110012 Information about women committee and their complaints Reply
06 06/4-2008/RTI/IISS Sh. Arun Goenka Information about Chemical Fertilizers Reply
05 05/1-2008/RTI/IISS Sh. Sunil Pahuja, Add.:-G-24,Forest Colony,Barkheda Pathani,Bhopal Information about posting of Personal Asstt. and for the year Reply
04 04/1-2008/RTI/IISS Sh. Sagar Sharjal, H.No.E-3/9, Arera Colony, Bhopal-462 016 1.Rules,s copy of promoted Sr. Clerk to lower clerk and asstt. post in 2007.2.Documents of Group 'D' which were not posted in Group 'C' for 18 years.3.How many posts vacant in T-1 and how many posts were filled up on Lab.Attd.and technical and remained for last 10 years. Reply
03 03/12-2007/RTI/IISS Mr. Sunil Pahuja,G-24, Forest Colony, Berkheda Pathani,District- Bhopal(M.P.) Information about Stenographer posts. Reply
02 02/11-2007/RTI/IISS Sh. Devendra Sharma(HMT) MIG,B-70,Phase-2,Aamra Vihar Parisar,Nayapura, Kolar Road, Bhopal-462016 Information about Stenographer in the year 2000? Reply
01 01/5-2007/RTI/IISS Shri Sanjay Gupta, Deputy Secretary (Admn.), Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi Annual Return Form for the year from April 2006 to March 2007 Reply
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